About Us

What we do in today’s industry is maintain and fit the pipes in a city that has old infrastructure. Infrastructure that needs badly to be replaced much like other large cities in the area. Cities like Seattle that have a lot of money that needs to be spent on repairing infrastructure that has seen better days. We are the largest company in the area for sewer repair and that is because of our rich history.

Our history begins with repairing residential homes in suburban Seattle. A city where the customers are educated and know exactly what they want and have no problem of letting businesses know. This is why even with the old equipment, we have become the best in the area for sewer repair and pipe fitting.

What matters most

Is that we are working hard to make the city of Seattle a better place. When it comes to pipe repair and sewer cleaning, this is where we excel and this is what we have chosen to do with out company. Here is where we get the energy to carry our business forward and make our customers as happy as we can. The time is now and the city is Seattle for finding the best pipe fitters in the world.