Pruning and Trimming Services

What we have over other sewer repair people in the great city of Seattle is that we are always thinking about the future. We never stay in one place mentally for long, although we have been in the great city of Seattle for as long as we have been operating, and that we are able to think differently than a lot of other traditional sewer companies.

Our main way of doing this is by being the number one user of tree trimming in the city. What this essentially is, without giving you all of the boring details, is a way to prune and trim trees with the latest technology. That with our services, we are able to trim and prune trees much more easily with the help of talented professionals at

The best in the business

This is the best way to save people time and money and the best way to show people that we are forward thinking in an industry that is sort of stagnant. People are happy to do traditional arborist work, and that is part of what we do still, but not a lot of people are ready to look to what is next, that there are other things that we can do and that we should do.

When you contact us for sewer work, you are investing in a company that looks toward the future and is willing to do whatever it takes to make its customers happy. We have been serving the Seattle area for more than 30 years and we hope that we can serve it for 30 more with the help of our innovation and customers that believe in what we do.